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Bob Mueller's imagery and art is bold, personal and full of passion for his subjects. NFL HOF Football, Martial Arts Legends as well as personal portraits and individuals are all included in Sports Legends Art.

NFL Hall of Fame Portraits is a celebration of youth, hope and the tumultuous energy of the 1960’s & 1970's. The artist R.E. Mueller takes the Hall of Fame images of his youth and captures their essence with individual portraits. The best players it is said could play in any era but the game was different then as the mud of the 1960's turned into the concrete turf of the 1970's into the present day big business, glitz and showmanship.

These portraits are dedicated to the players who built the NFL league into the dominate force it is today. Their Hall of Fame careers are the master pieces that today's players are measured by. Mueller's passion for the subjects literally jumps off the page.

Mueller's additional imagery of Martial Arts masters and themes comes from his 30 years of training and teaching in Japanese Karate do. His subjects are full and vibrant - displaying the discipline and attention to detail that only a person who has lived the life could render.